The system - High impact health strategies

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Read the description very carefully before proceeding to a purchase.

Most approaches that attempt to help someone improve his or her health, fail because they focus on just one thing whether that is diet, supplements or whatever.

These things are obviously valuable, but besides them, multiple factors affect our health and if we are not aware of them we don't stand any chance at improving our health.

So this program is a multifaceted approach (this and the fact that it explains certain topics on a deeper level without being boring are the things that make it so special) that was created for two reasons.

Number 1: Most people's health is unfortunately not that great in this day and age.

More and more people experience issues such as low energy, low libido, skin issues gut issues, mood issues, hair loss and a million other things.

Number 2: Health-related discussions are trending more than they've ever been but unfortunately, there's an actual problem with this which is that most people get way too confused about what they should do in order to actually improve their health-related issues.

Now this obviously does not mean that understanding how to optimize your health is a simple task or that over-simplistic advice won't backfire most of the time.

But the average content creator in the health space can't even get out of his own head and present to the average person what he needs to do in order to improve his health in a simple and practical manner.

Again, a simple manner it's not the same as an over-simplistic manner.

Over-simplistic advice when it's not related to harm reduction (don't drink alcohol or don't sit on the couch all day for example) but trying to help people, always backfires.

Telling someone how to stay away from trouble is simple.

Telling him how to improve his own unique situation is not that simple.

Because the first only requires common sense while the latter education which is painful and time-consuming.

The average person with a health issue has literally spent years of his life and thousands of dollars in order TO NOT EVEN IMPROVE his or her health-related issues.

He's not only putting massive amounts of effort, time and money in order to solve an issue but sometimes he would even be better off if he DIDN'T do any of these.

Most of them have followed hundreds of pieces of advice that were supposed to cure them but none of them did.

Some of them even harmed them.

Imagine the frustration of you suffering from an illness that prevents you from even doing basic stuff for years on end and focusing all of your efforts into solving it only to find yourself in the office of a doctor for the millionth time in order for him to prescribe you an ineffective pill and charge you a ridiculous amount of money.

It's not pretty.

Now that being said, i'm not offering a miracle cure for all health-related problems.

This program is for the average person who suffers from things such as:

✔️Chronic fatigue

✔️ Brain fog

✔️Gut discomfort (anything from bloating all the way to SIBO, candida and H.Pylori)

✔️Low testosterone levels

✔️ Thyroid-related issues

✔️Skin-related issues such as acne, eczema and dry skin

✔️Hair-related issues such as hair loss, premature white hair and dandruff

✔️Immune system-related issues

✔️Symptoms of ADD and ADHD

✔️Low libido

✔️Fertility problems


✔️Excessive body fat


✔️Dark circles




✔️Blood sugar regulation problems


✔️Teeth and bone-related issues

✔️Migraines and headaches

and other common health-related issues which we are going to improve through the following process:

Step 1: Lifestyle optimization.

Step 2: Demonstration of specific protocols (anything from gut health, skin health, thyroid health, eye health, brain health, lung health, liver health, hair health, battling depression, prostate issues, ED, PE, anxiety, insomnia, low testosterone etc).

Step 3: Demonstration of detailed meal plans in order to reach your goals even faster.

It basically tells you "do these and then based on your goals pick this protocol and this diet plan".

Now there are obviously way more things inside the program but it's better to downplay a program in the description and positively surprise the customer when he gets it, than the other way around.

Also please keep in mind that this program works because it is not one-dimensional.

We'll talk about anything from the lightbulbs that you need to use in your house all the way to diet, peptides, emotions and a million other things.

So please don't expect to receive something like 100 pages of general information that you'll be able to go through within a day.

It will take some weeks in order for you to study, understand and apply the principles of this program but they work.

Free Bonus #1: Over 350 pages of training-related material

Free Bonus #2: The Apollo program

Free Bonus #3: The practical skincare program

Some FAQs

How long will it take for me to see positive results?

From days to weeks depending on your issue and willingness to implement certain lifestyle changes.

How much money do I need to spend on food and supplement?

Less than you might think.

We will study supplements in detail but since we will learn how to treat them as tools, you won't be spending $890 on supplements.

Who is this not for?

Lazy people.

Can people over 40 use it?

Of course.

Can women use it?


Do i have to be disciplined?

Yes for the first few weeks until you experience the positive results which will then motivate you by default and discipline will become irrelevant.

I have X issue which was not mentioned in the description of the program, will the program help me solve it?

Again, if you're an average person with average health-related problems you will see improvements if you implement this program.

Is this program different than the Atlantic genetics program?

Yes, but if you need constant reassurance for this and expect every single sentence to be different, do not get this. It's not for you.

Is there a refund policy?

No. All payments are final so if you don't believe that the results you will get won't be worth the $251, simply do not buy this.

The program is composed of many (too many for some) highly unsexy pdf files.

Their results? Not so unsexy.

So if you judge something strictly based on its appearance it would be wise to not get it.

If on the other hand, you have the patience to go through the material, study it, take notes and implement it, you can go ahead.

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The system - High impact health strategies

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