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The VaultšŸ§¬

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What's up people?

This is a packet which contains 6 of my products and as well as 7 bonuses.

The products are:

  1. How to optimize men's health and aesthetics
  2. Jacked boy summer 3.0
  3. Non natty aesthetics
  4. Busy as a mothef*cker
  5. Aphrodite's daughter
  6. Fat loss manifesto 2.0

The first program will teach you how to increase your testosterone, how to avoid and detox from the biggest killers of men's health, how to optimize your mood and much more.

The second one will be your cutting manifesto for summer.

The third one is a full 2 year program focused on you reaching peak aesthetics.

The fourth one is a program for people who only have 20-30 minutes to workout a day.

The fifth one is a basic health and fitness course for women.

And the fat loss manifesto is a 12 week pro metabolic approach in order to get shredded.

Here's some of the content:

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