Atlantean Genetics 2.0🧬

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Atlantean Genetics 2.0🧬

56 ratings

With the right guide, you're not that far away from changing your health.

Here's what to expect if you implement the content that's inside this program:

✔️ Increase testosterone levels

✔️ Improve the health of your thyroid

✔️ Detox from heavy metals, PUFAs and xenoestrogens the right way

✔️Improve chronic fatigue and optimize mental clarity

✔️ Increase libido

✔️ Improve mood issues such as anxiety

✔️ Get daily deep sleep and cure insomnia

✔️ Improve blood markers

✔️ Lose fat

✔️Get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes

✔️Be motivated by default

✔️ Build muscle

✔️ Strength gains

✔️Fix your posture

✔️Decrease allergies

✔️ Improve lipid profile

✔️ Heal ED and PE

✔️ Clear skin from issues such as acne and eczema

✔️Stop hair thinning

✔️Improve ADD and ADHD

✔️Improve migraines

✔️Lower stress hormones

✔️Improve fertility

This program is a prescription i created in order to prevent and reverse health related problems.

Without the bonuses, there are 600 pages of material inside of it.

We will discuss:

  1. How to reset your metabolism
  2. Mitochondrial health
  3. Fixing root causes of sleep problems no one talks about (no, not circadian dysregulation)
  4. Optimizing the citric acid cycle
  5. Optimizing GABA
  6. Addressing excessive serotonin
  7. Optimizing thyroid performance
  8. Optimizing gut health
  9. Addressing and detoxing from PUFAs, heavy metals and xenoestrogens the right and effective way
  10. Nutrition
  11. Testosterone, aromatase, SHBG, LH and stress hormones
  12. Bioavailable sources of nutrients and how to balance them
  13. Supplements
  14. Cures for ED, PE
  15. How to address deficiencies
  16. Meal plans for optimizing thyroid function, testosterone and hair loss among other things
  17. How to add muscle
  18. How to lose fat
  19. How to recomp
  20. How to master bodyweight training all the way to advanced movements
  21. How to stay in peak shape when extremely busy
  22. Training for women and training to optimize testosterone.

This is WITHOUT the bonuses.

This program will help you understand what actually promotes and what harms your health.

The price of the course is constantly increasing since the course is constantly upgrading with new material that will help you get better results (you will obviously get all of the additional material at no extra cost).


How long will it take for me to see results?

From days to weeks.

How much money do I need to spend on food and supplement?

Less than you might think. We will study supplements in detail but since we will learn how to treat them as tools, you won't be spending $890 on supplements.

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to improve their health.

Is it for vegetarians?

I have included 2 vegetarian meal plans inside of it.

Is it for people with long Covid?


Who is this not for?

Lazy people.

Can people over 40 use it?

Of course.

Can women use it?

Yeap. They will just need to focus more on lesson 1.

Now i tested the first draft of this product (which was way less detailed) in 3 people for only 10 days and here's what they said.

Keep in mind that these people had chronic insomnia, one was a low carbers who could not lose weight, one was  a person who was not able to treat acne with medications and one was on BP medication as well.

And here's some things that people said after the release:

See you inside.


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