How to heal your health

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How to heal your health

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Imagine the two following scenarios.

In the first one, you’re waking up every day with body pains, you lack energy and you’re experiencing depression, low libido, anxiety, gut pain, brain fog, sleep disorders and other similar issues that deprive you of life’s joys.

From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep you’re in a constant state of unnecessary suffering both mentally and physically.

In the second one, you’re waking up every day with plenty of energy, borderline excited about the day, your body is functional and allows you to take part in plenty of fun activities such as hikes, swimming, running, going for bike rides etc, your libido is on point, you can think like a normal human being, you get plenty of restful sleep every night and you can actually live life.

Now unfortunately through a variety of means, the 21st century seems to lead most people into experiencing the first scenario.

We’re becoming so sick in today’s society that getting healthy is a form of revolution.

People today are sick at a truly tragic level. Like really sick.

Both mentally and physically.

Even our kids are becoming sicker year by year and this is obviously not normal.

We’re going backward in our health “advancement” not forward.

This program is an attempt to make someone familiar with a few specific health topics in order to help him start his journey of reclaiming and protecting his health.

It is broken down in 3 parts.

Part 1 addresses what’s making us sick.

It discusses 14 metabolic poisons and what to do about them.

Part 2 is focused on resetting your biology through providing what your body needs.

Part 3 includes niche health protocols for things like: acne, dandruff, fat loss, muscle gain, gut problems, low testosterone, fertility, hair loss and so on.

It's 247 pages in total without the bonuses.


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